Top 5 Nominees for 2014

King Country Agapefest has announced the Top 5 Nominees for the Award Show

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Here are the TOP 5
(because of tie a few categories have more than 5)

Female Vocalist
Aubree Bullock
Nikki Headley
Becky Wright
Sandie Dickey
Nichole Hope
Marsha Sue Mitchell

Male Vocalist
Tommy Brandt
Chuck Day
Roger Barkley, Jr
Jack Stone
John Randolph

Female Horizon
Kali Rose
Beverly Crocker
Jo Ann Bullard
Darlene Jennusa
Melinda Mcfarlin

Male Horizon
Jim Sheldon
Russ Nottingham
Tim Livingston
Rusty Quisenberry
Chris Hayle

Youth Horizon (Under 18 Years Old Over 13 Years Old)
Hunter Cook
Charee White
Mikayla Lynn
Kallee Rhodes
Lizzie Harris

Rising Star (Under 13 Years Old)
Meghan Woods
Isaac Cole
Chloe Goss
Kate Hobson
Taylon Miller

Heart To Heart
Jack And Deb Stone
Jen And Jes
Terry And Debra Luna
Higher Vision (Rita And Phil Hawley)

Crossfire Gospel Band
Sunday Drive
Crosscountry The Band
Baggy Bottom Boys
Terry Davis And “Old Guys Rule”

Bluegrass Gospel
Bruce And Betsy Mullen
Weaver Believers
Kathy Joy Daughtery
Marty Raybon
The Isaacs

Youth Instrumentalist/Musician
Tommy Brandt Ii
Isaac Cole
Lizzie Harris
Jesse Dean
Colton Friesen

Richard Kizer
Wes Mcmillian
Jerry Vance
Dusty Treece
Jimmy Jack Whitaker

Barry Mcgee
Roger Barkley, Jr.
Peggy Inks
Jeff Treece
Bruce Mullen

Female Songwriter
Charee White
Nikki Headley
Aubree Bullock
Jo Ann Bullard
Gail Cogburn

Male Songwriter
Tommy Brandt
Randy Reeves (Crossfire Gospel Band)
Chuck Day
Randy Thompson
Russ Nottingham
Johnny Jones

Favorite Christian Country Song & Artist 2013
Meanwhile Back At The Cross – Tommy Brandt
You Can Always Come Back Home – Chuck Day
He Gave All He Had – Tim Livingston
Sweet Child Of Mine – Terry Davis
If I Could Sit With You A While – David House
I Saw A Man – Jim Sheldon

Radio Personality/Show – King Country Radio

Marty Smith – Todays Crosscountry
Tommy Smith – Christian Servant
Roy’el Clark – Texas Gospel Jamboree
Mona Faith – Faith For Living
Jim Tucker – Sunrise Show
Scott Perkins And Diane Lil’ Miss – Perk-Up Country

Radio Personality (Not Limited To King Country Radio)
Hunter Logan – HLE Radio
Ken Iverson – East Texas Country Gospel Radio
Lin Butler – Christian Country
Leonard Werner – Inspirational Country
J.R. Pitsenbarger – Sunday Evenings With J.R

Radio Station
HLE Radio – Jennings La
Heavens Country – Ted Griffin And Marty Smith
East Texas Country Gospel – Ken Iverson
Inspirational Country Radio Network – Leon Joplin
Mid Georgia Music Connection – John Penney

Award Of Honor (For Outstanding Excellence To The Christian Country Gospel Music Field)
Tommy Brandt
Russ Murphy
Wes Mcmillian
Marty Smith
Chuck Day

Promoter Of The Year
Beyond The Music – Tommy Brandt Ministry
Canyon Creek Records – Tommy Smith
Sonshine Promotions – Travis Roark
Texas Country Gospel – Mary Fay Jackson
Jessica Huddleston Promotions – Jessica Huddleston

Producer Of The Year
Tommy Smith
Mike Mcclain
Jimmy Jack Whitaker
Boots Hubbard
Shane Roark

Trailblazer Music Evangelist (Must Travel Extensively With The Ministry)
Tommy Brandt Ministries
Crossfire Gospel Band
Jim Sheldon
Sunday Drive
Jack And Deb Stone
Chuck Day

King Country Golden Living Legend (Male/Female) Someone Who Has Contributed To Success And Helped Pave The Way For The Gospel Of Jesus
Leo Johnston (Cross Country The Band)
Tommy Smith
Johnny Jones
Peggy Inks
Ken Holloway

Prestigious Entertainer
Tommy Brandt
Sunday Drive
Crossfire Gospel Band
Roger Barkley, Jr.
Cross Country The Band